Getting My Original Hair Back With Pelo Baum

Let’s check out my horrible hair dye story that suppressed my hair growth but I coped up from it using Pelo Baum Hair Products.

My hair initially was of very dark shade of brown and I wanted them to transform into blonde. So when I decided this, I went to a hair salon. This salon was recommended to me by one of my friend. She had a very thin hair and her hair used to be very rough back then. Maybe I should have taken notice of her hair before going to there. Fortunately I was not too late, thanks to the Pelo Baum hair shampoo.

I showed the hair stylist the pictures of the desired hair color and she said that would not be a problem. She was very confident that she could achieve that hair color, I was looking for. That morning I was pretty nervous because I do have every dark hair and I know it’s very difficult to go from darker tone to a very lighter shade such as blonde. I read so many hair stories online. I knew it is extremely risky and getting your hair bleached, excessively damages your hair. I also puked that morning due to sickness. Maybe that was another morning sign not to go for the appointment which I actually ignored.

During the whole process, I was very nervous. When the hair dye was done, I was shocked to see my hair color. It turned orange instead of blonde. My hair stylist tried to convince me with this color but I was not feeling confident wearing it. Next morning I came back to her asking to change it to some other better tone. She told me that she had to bleach it again. She repeated the whole process again. After the process, I honestly started crying like a 7 year old kid in the salon. It was again nothing like what I wanted.

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Third time, I went to see my mother and she did my hair better. Finally I got a color which was desirable to some extent. Bleaching again and again damaged my hair badly. My mother suggested me to use Pelo Baum Hair Products and I got it from; an online retailers for hair and skin care products. It is a range of shampoo, conditioner and hair solution.

They actually made my hair better and made it grow stronger, smoother, silkier and longer.

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